November, 2015: Kimtron Inc. today announced the successful rollout of its new Polaris®-III X-ray Generator product line.

Dozens of units are now in operation performing daily in automotive, casting and aerospace factories and are also being used in laboratories for specialized CT applications. In addition, Kimtron has delivered its medical research Biological Irradiator integrated with the new Polaris® III generator to comprise the most powerful non-nuclear Irradiator available.

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Kimtron Inc. expands manufacturing operations as a result of In-sourcing Biological Irradiators leaded cabinets

Kimtron Inc announced today, the Company has expanded its Oxford, CT manufacturing facility to include the design and fabrication of leaded cabinets, a major component needed to contain X-rays for its product line of x-ray-based biological irradiators. While the company has been designing and producing x-ray components and subsystems for various markets since its inception, the new cabinet fabrication operation adds to Kimtron’s technology base and manufacturing knowhow. Continue reading