March, 2017: X-ray technology developed for NDT crosses over to Preclinical Cancer Research Kimtron

Kimtron today announced that its made-in-the-USA Polaris® III X-ray generators are being installed in major Cancer Research Centers. The Polaris® III was designed to meet stringent NDT Aerospace requirements regarding; sensitivity, stability and repeatability throughout the entire KV, mA and Power range.

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Polaris® III X-ray generators are built on a 7.5KW platform and can provide KV
output in 0.1 increments and MA output in 10 micro amp increments with 0.1%
linear accuracy over the entire range. When used in Biological Irradiators this
proven capability allows research scientists to consistently deliver much more
precise and repeatable dosage.

Peter Cawley, CEO states; “One of the important factors in establishing the
design criteria for our new Polaris®-III generator family was the need for our
industrial imaging customers to have more precision and stability, coupled with
higher “R” output. At the time we did not fully appreciate the significance of the
advanced capability we created and have been extremely pleased with the enduser
feedback, from all markets, regarding the superior performance and
reliability of the Polaris® III.”

Kimtron Inc. is an ISO 9001 Registered Company
Paul McCarthy, Kimtron Sales/Service Engineer states; “We are especially
pleased that our Polaris® III X-ray generators were adopted by a major
University to perform X-ray calibration services and radiation studies for many
Cancer Research Centers, Hospitals and Universities. In fact, this particular
University replaced a competitor’s current-state system and installed a Polaris-III
due to its superior performance. In effect, our equipment is setting the standard
in multiple Markets.”

The Polaris®-III series is configured in both unipolar and bipolar models and is
designed to drive constant potential x-ray tubes provided by all leading x-ray tube
manufacturers. Polaris III models are available in KV output levels of; 180KV,
250KV, 360KV and 500KV with power levels ranging from 2000 Watts to 7500
Watts. All models are available as integrated Sub-Systems providing all the
necessary components to produce the most stable, ripple free high quality X-rays available.

About the Company
Kimtron Inc. was formed in 1991 as an Industrial x-ray sales and service
organization that has since developed into an ISO-9001 certified design and
manufacturing firm of x-ray systems and components. Along with the Biological
Research market the company serves over 500 customers in a variety of
industries including; Aerospace, Metal Casting, Telecommunications,
Automotive, Defense and Homeland Security.