Biological Irradiators

Polaris® IC-Series Biological Irradiators

All Kimtron Biological Irradiators employ Kimtron‘s Ultra Seal™ x-ray cabinet design provides 5 time greater x-ray leakage protection than the current Federal standard (21 CFR 1020.40) requires. Kimtron’s Biological irradiator systems are installed world-wide used by; private & public Research Laboratories, Teaching Hospitals, Major Universities and Colleges.

Systems include the following:

  • Fully self-contained Ultra Seal Irradiator cabinet – designed & built by Kimtron to strict Aerospace standards*
  • High frequency Polaris® Series-3 HV generators*
  • Polaris® SC-500/M full featured x-ray controller*
  • Polaris® 5000-OA tube-cooler™ (quietest on the market)*
  • Auxiliary tube-safe™ sensor*
  • Remote communications for rapid fault resolution*
  • All wiring, connectors & hoses
  • System manuals
  • 90 % of system components manufactured by Kimtron*
  • Kimtron is an ISO-9001:2008 certified Company

* Denotes Kimtron Exclusive Features