Hi Rad / Cannabis System

Kimtron HiRad high-dose cannabis irradiator system


Specdifically designed for the irradiation of Medical Grade Marijuana, the HiRad cannabis Irradiators sytem included the following:

  1. Fully self-contained UltraSeal™ irradiator cabinet (provides 5 time greater leakage protection that required by the FDA)*
  2. Polaris® high frequency / high stability 186-1, 180KV, 6KW HV generator*
  3. Polaris® SC-500/HR x-ray controller*
  4. Polaris® 6501-WW tube-cooler™ closed loop (ultra-low-noise version)*
  5. 2 each cannabis irradiator drums (pat. Pending)*
  6. Rotate & spin material handling station (pat. Pending)*
  7. HiRad dose meter (pat. Pending)*
  8. Kimtron Auxiliary tube-safe™ sensor*
  9.  6KW x-ray tube
  10.  All wiring, cabling, connectors & hoses
  11.  CFR compliant, Aerospace-grade safety features and interlocks
  12.  Changeable beam filter

* Denotes Kimtron exclusive features

Download Specification Sheet PDF