IC-180 X-ray Biological Irradiator System


  • Fully self-contained Irradiator cabinet – built with Kimtron exclusive UltraSeal™ technology
  • High frequency Polaris 180KV HV generator
  • Polaris SC-500 full featured x-ray controller
  • 160KV x-ray tube
  • Closed-loop 3500-WA tube-cooler – ultra quiet laboratory version
  • 5m R-24 / R-24 HV cable
  • All wiring & connectors
  • Kimtron Auxiliary tube-safe™ sensor


  • Powered via safe, electrically initiated x-ray
  • HV Generator stowed neatly under skirted portion of cabinet.
  • Industrial grade, double pole HV interlock for added operator safety
  • “X-rays on” lighted signage
  • Multi-position baker’s rack shelving system with 10cm spacing (or optional powered specimen lift table)
  • Ventilated via forced positive air, 50+ CFM air turnover
  • Lighted radiation chamber
  • Leaded-glass viewing window rated at 225kV, secondary barrier
  • Standard unit Inside dimensions: H = 38”, W = 29”, D = 29”
  • Standard unit outside dimensions: H = 74”, W = 34.5”, D = 35.5” (fits through standard doorway)

Note: Our unit tends to be the heaviest on the market due to greater use of lead shielding. Kimtron policy states “We believe there is no threshold below which any amount of ionizing radiation can be considered safe”.

Download Specification Sheet PDF