IC Accessories

  • Mouse Restraints
  • VLFC
  • Filters
  • Applicators
  • Iron Chamber & Auto Dose
  • Applicators / Filters
  • Rotary Lift Table
  • Auto Vectoring
  • Filter Encoding
  • Articulating X-ray Tube

 Variable Light Field Collimator (VLFC)


For those who prefer an infinite combination of beam sizing, Kimtron produces a Variable Light Field Collimator.

Our patent pending VLFC performs a unique function whereas, when the operator initiates “x-rays on”, the optics used to generate the white light beam pattern vectors out of the x-ray beam ensuring that no beam attenuation or “hot spots” occur – as can be the case with competitive VLFC’s.

Beam Filter Kit


Standard Beam Filter Kit consists of the following:

  1. 1.5mm AL
  2. 3.0mm AL
  3. 1.0mm Cu
  4. 2.0mm Cu

Note: Substitutions may be made in 0.5mm increments, up to 5.0mm total thickness



Standard Applicator Kit Consists of the following sizes:

  1. 5cm x 5cm, 30cm FSD
  2. 6cm x 8cm, 30cm FSD
  3. 10cm x 10cm, 30cm FSD
  4. 20cm x 20cm, 50cm FSD

Note: Custom sizes available

 Autodose Option – Dose Meter Shown Standalone


Kimtron’s auto dose control system enables the operator to enter a desired dose via our touch-panel controller. The ion chamber, mounted to output the window of the x-ray tube, measures the output dose in real time and terminates the exposure once the desired dose has been achieved.

Autodose option includes: Brass mounting device, Ion chamber, dose meter and all associated hardware & software.

 Filters and Applicators


Kimtron Produces an array of standard and custom made beam filters and applicators

Rotary Table Option


The Rotary Table Option can be used either alone or in conjunction with standard specimen shelves or an automatic lift table.

 Auto Vectoring Specimen Shelf


The auto vectoring feature employs a high-precision mechanical drive providing vertical, linear motion of the specimen shelf. The shelf is raised or lowered by simply keying in the desired FSD (Focal spot to Subject Distance) via the operator control panel. FSD data is displayed to the operator in real-time, to within +/- 1mm

Kimtron Exclusive filter encoder device


Filter encoding prevents the researcher from accidentally running an exposure or experiment with the wrong beam filter installed. Each of Kimtron’s filters employs a “signature sensor” informing the operator of exactly which filter is in place, before each exposure.

Articulating X-ray tube Option


For those researchers who desire an upward or laterally pointing x-ray beam, kimtron developed a feature whereas the x-ray tube is mounted to a device enabling it to rotate 180 degrees from its downward-pointing attitude to an upward or sideways-pointing attitude. The tube can be locked in the following clock positions; 12:00, 3:00, 9:00 or 6:00.

The bottom sides and top of the radiation chamber contain “primary barrier” shielding.