X-Ray Generators / High Voltage Power Supplies

Polaris® Generators

  • High Voltage Generators for Stable High Power Applications
  • Compact & Serviceable
  • Highly stable and Repeatable with Low Ripple
  • Low Stored Energy
  • Made in the USA
Polaris® Generator Specifications
Parameters 160kV 225kV 320kV 450kV
DC Output Voltage 0-160kV 0-225kV 0+-160kV 0+-225kV
Max Output Current 30mA 30mA 30mA 30mA
 Max Output Power 3kW 3kW 4.2kW 4.2kW
 Polarity Negative  Negative  Bi-Polar Bi-Polar

*All high voltage connectors are tapered with flanged fittings