Polaris 250KV, 4KW X-Ray Sub Systems

The Power to Penetrate      

Kimtron’s 250KV X-ray Sub Systems consist of; Polaris® 250KV, 4.5KW Generator, Controller & I/O Box, Cooler, HV Cable and a 225KV X-ray Tube. The system is supplied as an intergraded, tested and optimized package to insure trouble free installation and rapid production startup. The Polaris 250KV generator driving currently available 225KV X-ray tubes represent a perfect solution for applications requiring very high levels of flux dose and at the same time, strong levels of penetration.

Polaris III 250 KV X-ray Generator

  • X-ray Tube Arc Impervious– Polaris III internal electronics can withstand 10 arcs per second at full load.
  • Active Filament Management– No filament current overshoot during rapid ramp-up with failsafe filament protection. Filament friendly design will help to extend tube life.
  • Solid State Filament Relay design eliminating mechanical contact failure.
  • Superior stability with lowest KV ripple on the market.
  • Ultra-sensitive stable MA regulation down to 100 micro amps
  • Serviceable to the component level.

Polaris® SC-500, Series-3 X-Ray Controller

  • Open architecture – Machine to machine interface.
  • Includes I/O Box – easily interfaces with lead room / cabinet environment. No optional I/O Box required
  • Robust, industrial-grade graphical user interface
  • Software upgrades performed via flash memory – no need to send unit back to OEM
  • Remote communications – system can be diagnosed via dial-up (optional)
  • Cell Productivity Management- SC-500 can Network Multiple cells and provide Radiography Exposure Tracking and Cell Productivity Reports. Custom reports readily available. (optional)
  • On-board auxiliary tube-temperature sensor (optional)
  • Flags and faults presented in easily understood text format – no numbers to decipher
  • Able to address infinite number of x-ray tube-types
  • Event log maintains history of fault codes
  • Ability to store up to 7500 techniques
  • Ability to address up to three separate x-ray tube parameters simultaneously
  • Auto Watt=Auto warm-up
  • “Tube-safe®” feature shuts down system when preset number of tube arcs are sensed

Polaris X-ray Tube-Coolers™ - Manufactured in the USA Exclusively for X-Ray Tubes

  • Disposable air intake filters keeps radiators clean in harsh environments
  • Water flow safety interlock
  • Water temperature safety interlock
  • Water pressure indicator
  • Real-time oil temperature display
  • Single panel service-access
  • Designed specifically for high duty cycle metal-ceramic x-ray tubes

X-Ray Tube

  • 225KV, 4000 Watts
  • Broad range of tubes accessories, tube mounts and safety devices are available.

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