Our Remediation /Decontamination Systems assure clean, safe and heat free eradication of all pathogens allowing passage of strict state mandated tests. We leave your flower unscathed.

HiRad Photon-PurificationTM Cannabis Irradiators

• Flower Integrity and Wholeness Preserved - Our clean, safe, and heat free Photon PurificationTM process maintains your cannabinoids, terpenes and moisture content leaving your flower unscathed.


• No residue or potentially toxic chemicals are left behind. Our Photon PurificationTM is clean, light spectrum power that penetrates through and through literally eradicating all harmful pathogens and microbes, interrupting their ability to flourish and reproduce.


• Rest Easy Decontamination - Our Photon PurificationTM will confidently remediate mold, aspergillus, BTGN bacteria, yeast, salmenella, e. coli and many more difficult pathogens leading to rest easy passage of strict state mandated testing.


• Reliability and durability you can count on. Our Cannabis Irradiator systems are backed by our 30 years of industry experience. We support our customers long after our equipment leaves our factory.  Our products are made in the USA and our company is 100% American owned.

Rest Easy, Clean Passage DecontaminationTM

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