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Mold and Pathogens Issues

As many growers have moved towards outdoor operations, mold and pathogen management becomes trickier and failure rates tend to be significantly higher. It's more important then ever to implement a "Kill Step" to ensure your product is safe and makes it to market. 

It's important for the safety of medical patients and adult-users alike. Microbial pathogens are one of the biggest problems facing cannabis cultivators today. It is estimated that as much as 15 % of all cannabis flower fails state-mandated testing due to these high levels of microbials. For many growers, this percentage can be

the difference between profit and loss.  

Introducing the all new


The Most Affordable System using X-Ray Technology on the market today.

Reach Out To Us Today and Find Out More.

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The Photon PurificationTM Solution

Our easy to use Photon Purification HiRad Remediation Systems assure clean, safe, heat free and chemical free eradication of all pathogens right down to the DNA. Your CFU's can be brought down to undetectable levels. Your terpenes, cannabiniods, look, taste, smell and feel are virtually unchanged. We employ the only technology capable of completely penetrating the entire flower through and through, destroying any "cave dwellers" ending future replication after treatment. We can even treat already packaged product thats been pulled from shelf. 

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Can You See
The Difference?

• Easy to use. No special training required.

• No heat process, that doesn't oxidize. 

• Terpenes, cannabinoids, look, taste, smell and feel virtually unchanged


• Penetrates through and through. No missed spots or "cave dwellers" left hiding for       

   future re-population

• DNA destroyed and rendered inactive

• Can bring CFU's to undetectable levels


• Made in the USA


• Systems can be on-site upgraded for faster throughputs to keep up with your growing



• Designed for 100% duty cycle 24/7

• Can remediate "in-package" product

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We Grow with You.

We currently offer 5 systems to cover your throughput needs, from small operations to large operations, we have you covered. With our unique Modular Expansion Approach on 4 of the systems, as your company grows and your throughput needs grow we can expand your existing system to literally double, triple and even quadruple the amount of throughput you can process in a given day. This approach saves money and time. Users can start with our entry-level HiRad-6001, and later upgrade to a HiRad-6004, which is 4 times faster! All these upgrades can be done on your site on your existing HiRad system at your convenience.

For those smaller growers averaging less then 130 lbs. per month, we now offer the HiRad CUBE.

The most affordable system currently on the market using X-Ray technology.   

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Thorough, full and even penetration of flower that leaves no “Cave Dwellers” behind.

Unlike most other technologies available today that have a hard time getting to the hidden reaches of your flower, we can easily penetrate through all the darkest reaches of your flower leaving behind no cave dwellers that can sprout up later when your product is on store shelves. DNA is destroyed and rendered inactive, ending Pathogen activity and their future ability to replicate. Our unique technology doesn't oxidize your flower and leaves no chemical residue behind. Your terpenes, cannabinoids, look, taste, smell and feel are virtually unchanged or undetectable. CFU's can be brought down to undetectable levels.

We design, build and manufacture all on our equipment on site in our Connecticut facility. We are not new to the game, we've been building our equipment for over 30 years for some of the toughest industries out there. Our machines are designed for 100% duty cycle. No rest or down time required between treatments.

We are not new to the cannabis space either. Our cannabis remediation roots stretch all the way back to 2014 when we were originally approached by a group of doctors with great foresight, looking to create a decontamination system to bring cleaner flower to the medical market. If your ever passing through or would like a tour of our facilities feel free to call us at 203-262-3361 and we can set up a tour.

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