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X-Ray Sub Systems

Polaris® Series III by Kimtron Generators / High Voltage Power Supplies

Highest Performance – Highest Reliability Available


The Polaris® III X-ray power supply represents state of the art patent pending technology, built to the highest engineering specifications and quality standards. The Polaris® III series is configured in both unipolar and bipolar models and is designed to drive fixed anode, constant potential x-ray tubes provided by all leading x-ray tube manufacturers. Polaris III models are available in KV output levels of; 180KV, 250KV, 360KV and 500KV with power levels ranging from 4500 Watts to 7500 Watts. All models are available as part of an integrated Sub-Systems, tested and optimized as a package providing the necessary components to produce the absolute highest quality X-rays and insure trouble free installation and rapid production startup.

Polaris III x-ray generators are ideal for high power, high KV and high dose applications providing the flexibility to serve markets ranging from non-destructive testing (NDT) to Biological Research.

The ability to achieve high penetration, maximum dose with ultra-stable and repeatable performance makes the Polaris III superior for NDT radiography, digital Imaging, CT applications and medical research requirements. The Polaris III is capable of producing zero to full power in 500ms or greater; the unit is unsurpassed in Security applications and for other high speed linear imaging and CT requirements. The unit’s capability to generate low KV at high mA also makes Polaris III the perfect choice for low density composite materials used in Aerospace applications. 

Polaris® Series III Exceptional Features

  • X-ray Tube Arc Impervious: Withstands up to 10 arcs per second at full load.

  • Active Filament Management: No filament current overshoot beyond tube limit or emission overshoot during rapid ramp-up.

  • Filament friendly design: Will help to extend tube life.

  • Solid State Filament Relay Circuitry: Eliminates mechanical contact failure.

  • Ability to perform x-ray tube “re-conditioning”: Clean-up gassy tubes in the field.

  • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) >98% @ full load.

  • Fastest Rise time available: From zero to full power in 500ms – fastest on the market.

  • Superior stability with lowest KV ripple on the market: 5 times better than competition.

  • Ultra-sensitive stable MA:Regulation down to 100 micro amps.

  • Standard open source machine-to-machine interface

  • Complete stability throughout the entire kV range

  • Drive any Industrial tube on the market:No EPROM change necessary.

  • Lowest power consumption on the market: More efficient than competitive units.

  • Polaris generators “plug & play” into many competitive system environments: Canoperate with many existing controllers.  

Polaris® III generators, as with all Kimtron Polaris® products, are manufactured in the USA in our ISO 9001 Certified facility. They are design for extreme ease of serviceability with no potting, paper wrapping or encapsulation and are truly repairable to the component level. This maximizes production uptime and will translate to the lowest long term cost of ownership available.

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