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X-Ray System Peripherals

& Safety Devices

As a manufacturer of Biological Irradiators, Industrial x-ray components and systems to the, Aerospace, Casting, Security,  Scientific and Medical Industries, Kimtron has developed a myriad of peripherals and safety products enabling our equipment to integrate into several environments such as; Industrial x-ray rooms and cabinets, scientific laboratories and hospital treatment rooms.

Our Devices include: Auxiliary Tube Temperature Sensor, Applicators, Beam blockers and shutters, Collimators, 

Double pole High voltage / Low Voltage safety interlock switch, Filters and filter changers, In-room safety alarm / emergency disconnects, Laser Centering devices, “X-rays On” lighted signage, X-ray tube yolks and articulating mounts; 100KV – 600KV, X-ray tube stands and manipulators; 160KV – 600KV​​



Auxiliary tube-temp. Sensor

The auxiliary tube-temp. sensor is a device that protects the x-ray tube from over heating in the event of a failure of the primary flow/temp sensors. The device, which monitors the actual tube housing temperature at the anode, will shut the x-ray system down if the tube exceeds a preset temperature threshold.

This development of the system was a result of our tube repair department experiencing a high percentage of over-heat failures coming in from the field.

The kit contains:

  1. RTD sensor

  2. Heat activated epoxy to mount sensor to tube anode

  3. Alcohol towelette (to clean sensor mounting area)

  4. Signal wire (from RTD device to meter enclosure

  5. AC power wire & 110 plug

  6. Stand-alone enclosure

  7. Panel meter w/ LED readout, variable threshold & contact closure outputs


Beam blockers and shutters
















The Kimtron Double pole High voltage / Low Voltage safety interlock switch

Our high voltage interlock switch was designed to fill the industry’s need for a more robust, reliable and trouble free device than what was currently available.

Designed as a direct replacement for the “Picker” switch, our unit is constructed of CNC machined Delron giving it substantially greater durability than molded plastic at a much lower cost.

As opposed to the popular single-blade knife switch interlock that opens only one leg of the primary transformer, Kimtron’s switch opens both legs. Moreover, if the male portion of a single-blade knife switch breaks off and remains in the switch body, the x-ray system could still run if the door were opened. The Kimtron interlock jumpers are configured such that even if all four jumpers broke off and remained in the switch body, the system still could not run.


  • Constructed of highly durable Delrin

  • All electrical components secured in switch body – no springs to fall out

  • Industrial grade low voltage switch

  • All piece-parts and components available for repairs

  • Bolt-for-bolt replacement for the Picker (aka Yxlon) switch

  • More durable cable strain reliefs






Filters and filter changers

In-room safety alarm / emergency disconnects





Laser Centering devices

“X-rays On” lighted signage

X-ray tube yolks and articulating mounts; 100KV – 600KV

X-ray tube stands and manipulators; 160KV – 600KV

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