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Bespoke Ultra High
Voltage Power Supplies

16 kW and beyond
Custom Designed Around Your Specific Needs

In 2015 Kimtron introduced the first High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS aka “x-ray generator”) designed from a clean sheet of paper’ and employing state-of-the-art components, in over 30 years. The result was a family of HVPS’s that are technically superior to all competitive offerings. Moreover, the modular approach to the design enables great flexibility when designing new, special purpose HVPS products as standard ‘building blocks’ can be arranged and combined to create new, more powerful devices. In 2018 the Company was commissioned to develop a line of products designed to “condition” as-new x-ray tubes, which is an electrically violent process requiring an extraordinarily robust HVPS. Having success with our first offering, the world’s largest manufacturer of x-ray tubes standardized on Kimtron products (HVPS’s and tube-coolers). All competitive equipment in their facility has since been replaced by Kimtron equipment.

Our products are manufactured in the USA with USA parts in our ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility. They are design for extreme ease of serviceability with no potting, paper wrapping or encapsulation and are truly repairable to the component level. This maximizes production uptime and will translate to the lowest long term cost of ownership available.

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