Kimtron IC-360 Biological Irradiator








System includes the following:

  • Fully self-contained Irradiator cabinet – built using Kimtron’s exclusive UltraSeal™ technology
  • High frequency Polaris® 360KV, 5KW generators*
  • Polaris® SC-500/M full featured x-ray controller*
  • Varian NDI-321 x-ray tube
  • Polaris® 5000-OA tube-cooler™, ultra-low-noise laboratory version (quietest on the market)*
  • Kimtron Auxiliary tube-safe™ sensor*
  • 2 each 16’ 5m R-24 / R-24 HV cables
  • All wiring & connectors
  • System manuals

 * Denotes Kimtron Exclusive Features


  • Powered via safe, electrically initiated x-ray – no live sources to store, handle or dispose of
  • Shielding capacity: 360kV, primary and secondary barriers (leakage: < 0.25mR/hr)
  • Industrial grade, double pole HV interlock for added operator safety
  • “X-rays on” lighted signage
  • Ventilated via forced positive air, 50+ CFM air turnover
  • Lighted radiation chamber
  • Leaded-glass viewing window rated at 320kV, secondary barrier
  • Extra access port for probes, wires or gas lines
  • Inside dimensions: H = 38” x W = 29” x D = 29.5”
  • Outside dimensions: H = 75” x W = 35” x D = 36” (fits through standard intuitional-size   doorway)
  • Weight; 4500 lbs. +/- 5%

Polaris® system advantages:

  • Polaris™ HV generators are built to strict Aerospace specifications. Our generators use no oil, are smaller, lighter, more efficient (> 90%), and have less output ripple (equates to a harder beam) than all competing generators on the market. Kimtron stocks complete units in-house as well as all parts and components necessary for rapid repairs
  • The Polaris™ SC-500/M is the most technically advanced, user-friendly x-ray system controller on the market. The unit was designed with open-architecture as a main design criterion and as such, is easy to use and maintain by all end-users.

The Kimtron advantage:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • All system components manufactured in the USA.
  • Kimtron operates a fully equipped repair center servicing all equipment sold.
  • Kimtron’s field service department is considered to be the premier service organization in terms of; rapid response, quick turn around and availability of parts.
  • Fully staffed electrical and mechanical engineering departments
  • 24 x 7 support

Many Options and accessories available such as:

  • Applicators
  • Beam Filters
  • Auto-dose control
  • Specimen platter rotation table
  • Automatic FSD vectoring
  • X-ray tube inversion
  • Small animal restraints 

Download Specification Sheet PDF