Polaris 180KV, 4.5KW X-Ray Sub System

The Power to Illuminate

Kimtron’s 180KV, 4.5W X-ray Sub Systems consist of a Polaris® 180KV Generator, Controller & I/O Box, Cooler, HV Cable and a 160KV X-ray Tube. The system is supplied as an intergraded, tested and optimized package to insure trouble free installation and rapid production startup.

The Polaris 180 can be programmed to drive any commercially available 160KV x-ray tube throughout its full range of adjustability without the need for EPROM changes or tedious calibration. A perfect low cost solution for applications requiring very high levels of flux dose and at the same time strong levels of penetration.

Polaris III 180 KV X-ray Generator

  • X-ray Tube Arc Impervious – Polaris III internal electronics can withstand 10 arcs per second at full load.
  • Active Filament Management – No filament current overshoot during rapid ramp-up with failsafe filament protection. Filament friendly design will help to extend tube life.
  • Solid State Filament Relay design eliminating mechanical contact failure.
  • Superior stability with lowest KV ripple on the market.
  • Ultra-sensitive stable MA regulation down to 100 micro amps
  • Serviceable to the component level.

Polaris® SC-500, Series-3 X-Ray Controller

  • Open architecture – Machine to machine interface.
  • Includes I/O Box – easily interfaces with lead room / cabinet environment. No optional I/O Box required
  • Robust, industrial-grade graphical user interface
  • Software upgrades performed via flash memory – no need to send unit back to OEM
  • Remote communications – system can be diagnosed via dial-up (optional)
  • Cell Productivity Management- SC-500 can Network Multiple cells and provide Radiography Exposure Tracking and Cell Productivity Reports. Custom reports readily available. (optional)
  • On-board auxiliary tube-temperature sensor (optional)
  • Flags and faults presented in easily understood text format – no numbers to decipher
  • Able to address infinite number of x-ray tube-types
  • Event log maintains history of fault codes
  • Ability to store up to 7500 techniques
  • Ability to address up to three separate x-ray tube parameters simultaneously
  • Auto Watt=Auto warm-up
  • “Tube-safe®” feature shuts down system when preset number of tube arcs are sensed

Polaris X-ray Tube Coolers- Manufactured in the USA Exclusively for X-Ray Tubes

  • Disposable air intake filters keeps radiators clean in harsh environments
  • Water flow safety interlock
  • Water temperature safety interlock
  • Water pressure indicator
  • Real-time oil temperature display
  • Single panel service-access
  • Designed specifically for high duty cycle metal-ceramic x-ray tubes

X-Ray Tube

  • Any commercially available 160KV x-ray tube
  • Broad range of tubes accessories, tube mounts and safety devices are available.

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