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Repair Center

High Voltage Power Supplies

High Voltage Power Supply

High Voltage Generator Repair Center

Repair of the following brands:

  • Gulmay

  • Polaris

  • Pantak

  • Philips

  • Spellman

  • TFI (Gemini Series 1, 2 & 3)

  • Universal Voltronics (UVC)


As a repair center of most major brands of generators, Kimtron maintains all parts, components, processes, tools, equipment and training necessary to evaluate your generator and repair it – often in less time than it takes to ship it to our facility. All repairs are performed in our ISO-9001-2008 certified facility, by our highly trained technicians. As with our x-ray tube repair facility, the emphasis on speed does not sacrifice quality. Kimtron has recently acquired the assets necessary to repair and reload rotating anode medical x-ray tubes.

Other advantages of Kimtron’s generator repair facility include:

  • No cost evaluations

  • Free loaners (limited availability)

  • Complete recalibration with every repair

  • Phone assistance

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